Welcome to the Ramm Handmade Knives gallery! We do not have a current inventory of knives for sale at this time but hope to in the future. Below you can check out recently made knives along with an estimate on what the knives sell for. All knives are hand-made, forged to shape and all Damascus is made by Peyton.

Current materials used:

5160, 1095/15n20 Damascus, 1075 for blades and canvas micarta, G10, desert ironwood, stabilized spalted maple, and mammoth ivory for handle materials.

Contact Peyton Ramm for more information about his standard and custom knife designs. 


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Bowie Knife

JR Cook style bowie with transition Damascus penny guard and engraving

Slagel Knife & Sheath
Boone Knife

The handle scales are giraffe bone.

Ramm Bladesmithing, LLC
Ramm Bladesmithing, LLC
Ramm Bladesmithing, LLC
Penny Guard Bowie

It's lined with 24k gold and the handle scales are mammoth ivory. Overall length is roughly 15 and 5/8 inch, blade is roughly 10 and 3/4 inch.

Peyton Ramm at Work
Giraffe Bone Knife

Ribbon Damascus with giraffe bone and backbar engraved by Peyton Ramm.

Ramm Bladesmithing, LLC

Recent knives

Boone 2.0 Linerlock



Mammoth ivory scales with a 460 layer ladder blade and bolsters.

Boone 2.0 Linerlock 3.jpg
Boone 2.0 Linerlock 2.jpg
Boone 2.0 Linerlock 1.jpg

Takedown Gentlemens Bowie

Forged 1084 blade with a walrus ivory handle with scrimshaw. Price includes sheath.



Forged 1084 Blade 3.jpg
Forged 1084 Blade 1.jpg
Forged 1084 Blade 2.jpg

Damascus Slagel

For this knife you can choose between desert tan, turquoise or regular black Damascus. Also choices of Texas Wind Ladder or Chevron for the Damascus. Price includes sheath.



Damascus Slagel 1.jpg
Damascus Slagel 2.jpg
Damascus Slagel 3.jpg

Black Slagel

Knife has black micarta handles, silica bronze guards and forged 1075 blades. Currently trying to perfect O1.



Black Slagels 1.jpg
Black Slagels 2.jpg